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yes I'm a gorgeous blonde


confessions of a graphomaniac


A word or two before I start.
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde

I guess I should make an introductory post, just in case ))

Only recently, I've discovered the wonderful world of HP fanfiction. I must confess, I'm not a big fan of HP books (though I do think JKR is a commercial genius). But fanfiction makes it so much better!

I'm not averse to any pairings, though minor characters make me lukewarm, and slash is not my cup of tea.

My all-time favourites are Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. And naturally, I ship them :)

In my RL, I work as a key account manager for a very large and very famous software company, and I'm currently on maternity leave.  Plenty of time on my hands, so I decided to practice my English skills some. 

Most of the RL stuff is flocked, so are some of the fandom-related ramblings.

P.S. please feel free to friend me. I think I'm on the friending spree myself ))


Randomness again.
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
This picture was taken today in Moscow at an anti-Putin meeting. (we're having a presidential election in March and it all looks like Poopoo is going to be riding it another six years).

Anyways, the writing is in Russian and it says "take your sock and go already". I don't know if you know, but the way Doppy resembles Putin is a huge, huge gig here in Russia :)

God, I think this is one of the best effin' political banners I've seen in a while! I lurve it to bits!

Staring you down
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
I haven't been around a lot lately. I think one of my subconscious New Year wishes was to become more active in this corner of fandom.  Anyway, I would dearly like to wish you wonderful lot a plenty of great and new things in this new year, and may its leapness never turn its unsavoury sides towards you.

Here, Snape is staring you down and even attempting at a smile of sorts.

*hugs the entire flist*


The reveal is up!
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
And I can't thank the wonderful talesofsnape for my gift, In a Glass, Darkly! I had a gut feeling it would be  someone from my flist. Dear Tales, thanks a lot  for this wonderful story and a great take on the darkish Dumbledore! It was doubly so a treat, because I really liked the Dumbledore part, I usually am not a fan of Dark!Dumbledores, but yours was so cleverly done and greatly executed. A great, great, great story.

I also confess having written Split for linlawless, suddenly an almost maxi-length fic, written as 'I sat down to write a short PWP and came up with zillions of pages of genfic' :)

I'd like to thank the ever wonderful melusin_79 for being a fantastic beta once again. 

A small companion piece for Split, also done after one of Linlawless's great prompts here:

I know my flisters as tolerant and outspoken people, so...
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde


The party led by Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin is pushing discriminatory legislation against lesbian, bi, gay and trans people that could eliminate their freedom to speak publicly and assemble. 

Russia is a signatory to numerous international human rights treaties - including the European Convention on Human Rights. We call on you to urgently speak out and hold Russia accountable to its treaty obligations - and stand with LGBT Russians whose ability to speak for themselves is under attack.

If they ratify it, I won't even be able to post a slash fic in my LJ.

Yet more art.
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
It seems I haven't been posting anything here besides fanart of late.

Life's doing well, I'm working now, so less time for fandoming, which is most unfortunate. But work is pretty fun so far, I do marketing research and analysis for a large-ass IT company. Pretty challenging and I get to use my English skillz. 

anywhoo, another art I've done. I've been doing a small gift exchange with a couple of Russian friends, postcards for the upcoming holidays and all, and this is my part of the exchange with the wonderful and talented emilywaters76

She's written  me an awesome bittersweet Snape-centric drabble and this is an illustration to it. 

With her kind permission, I'm posting her text here.

Everything you recognize is Jo's.
Text is by the talented Emily Waters.
Lovely snow texture by ~emilyemilybeth

Harry keeps dreaming of his seventh yearCollapse )

More fanart.
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
This is something I did for a contest at a Russian fansite. The theme was First Time, and this is Harry's first time seeing a Thestral.

I'd like to thank the wonderful cabepfir for all the advice and hints she'd given me on this. They were invaluable. I didn't manage to use all of them - not because I was lazy or in a hurry, but rather, because I'm not competent enough and still find myself sorely lacking in skills and all. But thanks to her, I did manage to improve it a great deal, I think.  A larger version of this is on my DA page.


Asking dear flist for recs.
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
I went back to work about a month ago, doing things that are in many ways new to me, and am hopelessly lagging behind on Exchange. I know, many of my lovely flisters are much farther ahead of me in this, so I'm sort of calling out for help :)

I'm in desperate need of a good SSHG read. Good new SSHG read. 

Rays of sunshine and imaginary chocolate Snapes to kind souls who could link me to a few Exchange fics. Something not exactly pinky-fluffy and more plotty than porny would be awesome. 

I still am planning to read all of it, but just need a little break from all the software and marketing and management and customers right now.

A great way to celebrate Snape through ages.
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
And it may not run  due to lack of sign-up-ees :(

Snape Showcase
[info]snapecase: Celebrating Severus Snape throughout his ages!

My gift has arrived!!!
yes I'm a gorgeous blonde
I'm one extremely happy camper today!!! *runs around ceiling*

You should definitely go read this story and please give the Mystery Author some loving. It's a great combination of poignant moments and light humour and has a mystery that will have you enthralled.

In a Glass, darkly
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